Aiming for a better life!

Author Name: Dr. Aditi Mathur

“A life worth being inspired by, is a life better lived”

How many times have we heard these lines from the people who are close to us and want us to succeed and be happy in our lives. But every time they may not be able to convince us of how to do it. So we actually know the ‘what’ element of our destination but the ‘how’ element always remains enigmatic and baffling.

Why does it happen that the advice that we receive from the people around for the means of living a good life sounds very good but the moment we think of applying, it seems so unconvincing and impractical even if that same thing was like a magic wand for the one who has inspired us.

Somewhere it may be understood that “how to live a better life” cannot be a standardized question to be answered, its like a personalized thought to be developed to get the exact answer. People use various means to identify and satisfy their urge to define their ideal good life. Some take to religious path, some start believing in spirituality, some are hedonist and for some it is just the destiny’s choice. We really have to understand the right means of living a good life for everyone has to be derived from within everyone’s soul. No exact definition provided by anybody, even by highly intellectual or enlightened will apply to an individual’s unique existence. So to get the answer to this we have to look within and search rather than be guided by others or even try and imitate others. Trying to get an answer to the question is an exercise which may require a lot of patience and perseverance but whatever answer that comes up will be the eternal truth for that individual.

The eternal truth lies in our very existence that we are a powerful soul born with our wisdom and guided by our conscience who if left free to live his/her way will be the most happy and contended one. If we start accepting this for ourselves and for all around we can assume and remain assured of a very peaceful coexistence. The whole gamut of power, supremacy, jealousy, and discrimination will vanish and each of us will be happy to come across an equally powerful soul guided by a clear purpose and living with true conviction.

Create As You Recreate

Author Name: Dr. Aditi Mathur

One fine day just out of curiosity I happened to ask my recently turned to be a teenage boy, “What do you wish to be”. This was a question I always wanted to ask but my overly read wisdom prohibited me to push my son towards a goal and I wish to be a parent who wants to let their kids take their life’s decision themselves. But to my utter surprise, I saw a beautiful smile on the face of my son, as if he was so eagerly waiting for me to ask this from him. But his smile faded in few seconds and he just shrugged off by saying, “I don’t know”.

I pushed him a bit but he further replied, “You tell me the options to choose from”. I said there are many options, you decide what will you like to do all your life, in fact I got worried the moment I left it open for him, as he may easily reply to just rest and relax all through the life, but even if he wished that he merely said again, “I don’t know”.

I tried to recollect my own observations regarding him as a child and I realised that he is amazingly patient, obedient and responsible (all traits are unlike his generation).

Do these qualify for a career option? What else do we need to make our lives better? Are we merely looking for skilled people or do we need people with the right attitude?