Judging or being judged

Author Name: Dr. Aditi Mathur

I overheard my son talking to his friends that day, he was discussing about his teachers. Ah, he was not discussing, actually he was judging his teachers. They were carefully evaluating their teaching style, language being used, dresses being worn and even the hairstyle and choice of shoes was examined with deep critical remarks.

I felt strange that boys half the age of the teacher are finding themselves competent to judge and pass remarks about a person who has spent so many years teaching the subject and topic.

Some questions loomed large in my head:

Are we as a society becoming too judgemental after getting too many platforms to air our views to the world around.

Are we use our communication skills majority times to either justify ourselves or judge others.

Are we being over obsessesed by the definition of being perfect creations and developing perfect creations around us

The answer lies in the whole philosophy of our upbringing, we are being brought up in the environment where we are groomed for a certain behaviour patterns which are duly approved by the people around us and have felt under the scanned eyes of our elders who passed their judgements about us for every act we performed and made us realise that as we grow up we get the legitimate power to pass remarks and correct others behaviour.

Fear of non acceptance, rejection and being laughed out has ingrained deep in our psyche and we keep living our lives by rediculing others which somehow provides a sense of self acceptance as being better than others and we feel secured and elated.

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