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Neologicx resources India pvt. Ltd.

Most Renowned Mobile App/ Web Design/ Software Development/ Digital Marketing Powerhouse

Neologicx Resources India Pvt. Ltd. was founded by two IT professional having rich experience of huge manhours working. Neologicx is considered as One of the Best & Top Notch Company in the field of  Mobile app development, Web design/ Website development, Software development, Digital marketing/ Social media marketing.

We bring over 15 years of global experience as professional IT company with umpteen success stories that are predicated on quality project and program management tenets and principles, deep understanding of product innovation and development, customer service delivery management and fanatical detail and big picture orientation.

The diversity of global experience over the years has accorded us a flair for product development as well service delivery engagements. We have worked quite extensively for various organizations in helping build Top Notch Mobile applications, Web design, Website development,Software development & Digital marketing.

Our services are as follows:

perfect solutions


Designed For People

User experience is everything. We generate greater value by putting people first.


Solve the complex

We work on solving the bigger problems that can enhance your business systems.


Power to you

We use our expertise and experience to give you complete control of your online business.


mission statements


Premier IT services under one roof

To be an exceptional organization operating locally & internationality that provides gigantic range of IT services under one roof ranging from mobile app development to website/web application development to software development to social media marketing.


Unsurpassed Customer Experience

Neologicx will change the way you think about IT services. We intend to provide our customers with the unsurpassed experience from beginning to end, which start from understanding customer requirements and ends at excellent product delivery.

Our advantages

Custom fit

We don’t believe that technology is solely the answer to a business problem. We do believe that a creative and best-fit solution is. Technology is merely the facilitator. That’s why, we invest time in understanding your business to greater depths- how you operate, the pain points you have, and the direction you wish to go. From these details we then develop and prescribe the best-fit solution for your organisation.

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We Know Business

We are aware of the commercial needs of modern businesses and how custom software can be used to improve performance and profitability.We understand the importance of new systems fitting with existing complimentary business processes and systems. That is why our powerful solutions are fully customisable; tailored to YOUR specific needs and requirements.

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Long Term Relationship

We believe in networks…specifically human networks. We aim to convert each new client into an advocate for Neologicx by delivering meritorious solutions and world class service. We understand that ours is an above par team of technically superior developers with greater man hours experience. With this in mind, we provide excellent ongoing support to our clients who have varying technical abilities.

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Providing IT systems & solutions