ECI Apps: Mobile App Suite for Election Commision of India

ECI Apps: Mobile App suite for Election Commision Of India.
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Swachh Bharat Toilet Locator: An initiative for Ministry Of Urban Development (MOUD)

Swachh Bharat Toilet Locator: An initiative for Ministry Of Urban
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E-Parchi: Mobile App Initiative

E-Parchi: Mobile App initiative to improve healthcare for poor people.
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Digital Trends that are going big this year:

1. Mobile Apps in Daily Life: Mobile apps are being used for each and every activity today. All thanks to improved Internet connectivity these days Roti, Kapda, Makaan & Gaadi all can be accessed with a single tap.

2. Marketing Automation: Its time to say good bye to your favorite CRM software as they are obsolete. The latest name in the game is “Marketing automation”.

3. Social Conversions and ORM: With the world becoming more transparent & interactive due to advent of social media, Brands can’t ignore the voice & opinions of their customers.

4. Content Marketing: Nobody likes to call & talk to your sales representatives about features of your products, USP’s, Price etc. today. Why? Because before even making a First Call to a business, most of the prospects have completed their 60% of research online. Moreover they believe that sales agent will always deliver biased information.

5. Location Based Advertising: Location based advertising is an advanced level of mobile advertising in which you can target individuals around a specific radius of your store. Generally ads are shown in partner apps that people use on the go. Such a marketing will be boon for local businesses that can’t spend lots on digital marketing budgets.

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Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

Not very long ago, it was impossible to take calls anywhere and not miss calls. Apart from this very fact,  it was also impossible to keep track of calls, not miss calls, manage incoming leads etc on mobile phones. Thus came the concept of

Stress-free effective IT support

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How Digital Marketing Storm Hit India

The autumn of 2014 will be remembered as the time when the perfect storm struck. It was the time when a number of forces came together to shake business in India from its very roots. Businesses across sectors, public and private, large and small and even political parties witnessed history being written in front of their eyes. The early adopters flourished, the smart set quickly followed them and the naysayers still live in denial. Yes, digital marketing had become mainstream and impacted every aspect of our life from our political leadership to the way we consumed.

Leading the storm were the elections of 2014 and a man who at 63 had understood a few years before his peers that the internet would not only make him the most powerful man in India but also be his legacy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP swept the elections with a massive social and ground campaign that was more innovative and data driven than anything that his critics and opponents could manage. Most of them used conventional media as their main weapon and failed. An interesting thing happened during the course of the election campaign lasting more than 9 months. Slowly but surely, television and print started following social media to pick up trends. They had become the followers without realising it.